Aerial Photography

We also offer aerial photography on a per request basis, this provides an unique view into your property, as you can see from the samples below.

Low Altitude Aerials

Service might not be available at this time - please check for availability.
Low altitude Photography, Virtual Tours and Video - uses new technology for imagery up to 300 feet. This is a great way to showcase your property with a unique perspective and all around view. We only take aerial shots on clear sky days and they are stunning, specially if property is located close to water, canal, docks or even pool. Click on each picture to see a full size view.

See Low Altitude Virtual Tour and Photography samples.
For vacation rental properties, youTube videos are available - see aerials video sample.

Aerial photography  Aerial photography  Aerial photography

Aerials via Airplane

Aerials via small plane are taken from altitudes of 1,000 feet. Since the pictures are taken at a higher altitude than bird view shots, the impact is strong and bound to 'wow' everyone who sees them. For scheduling purposes, these tours might take a bit longer than regular tours, since they need to be scheduled along other aerial tours. Please contact us if you have a tight deadline. Airplane aerials are great for showing the immediate surroundings of a property, as an example, see images below. 

Click on the thumbnails below for a few examples.

Aerial photography  Aerial photography  Aerial photography